Fabulousmax and Clovis are teaming up ONCE MORE and hosting the Halloween Trick-or-Treat Event!! And this time, we’re happy to announce that EICHE will be joining us to this year for our second year of spooky fun! 
After banquet (11pm EST/8pm PST) on Saturday, October 25th, come find us in Emain Macha, CH5 of Mari, and trick-or-treat to get all sorts of candy and other goodies! Be careful not to get tricked~HOW TO PARTICIPATE: -After Banquet, some members of Fabulousmax, Eiche and Clovis will stand in front of houses in Emain Macha.  -Come up to us and shout ”Trick-or-treat!”, but BE SURE TO BE IN COSTUME (or something Halloween/fall themed! the costume does NOT have to be a specific character, it can be an animal robe, an occupation, etc).  -Then, you’ll have to pick a number (we’ll give you the range), and you’ll get whatever item that number corresponds to. It could be candy, cookies, dead bees, or even a dye ampoule! It changes at every spot!-You can only claim a trick or treat from each host once.
We are ALSO holding a big, final raffle!!  If you come to our event, whisper lilaidal (Iron Man) while you’re here! He’ll take down your name, and in the end we’ll draw a username for our grand prize: Your choice of either the Night Mage/Witch outfit!! (not the broom package, only the outfit!) Aaand that’s it! It ends whenever we run out of stuff to give out, so feel free to come and go whenever you please! We hope to see you there!

It's over now


And the winners are…


sillehgews and albinopurrito!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulation!!

And the third person who gets a derp draw is melbunbun!! congrats to you as well!!!

To be redundant, I will also send you guys an ask— please send me a reference through my submit box!





When Mabi decides to pair two nuns together for the Halloween event.
swims in the dead bodies of dolls
Because Maike’s too boss to use a regular fork n spoon.
the pantyshot